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Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!

Walnut Ridge Grounds Care is proud to be a Veteran Owned business.  Ask us about our Veteran discount.

Spring Clean Up

Sign up for our Spring Clean Up service and receive 1/2 off on a weekly Lawn Mowing.

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Spring Clean-up

This is where it all starts, time to get that lawn cleaned up and looking fresh again after a long winter. Give us a call and let us help you with the hard work.

Spring Clean up starts as soon as the snow has melted and the yard is firmed up to the point that we do not leave ruts in your yard.  The ground must also be firmed up enough so that when we are cleaning it we do not tear the grass out by the roots.

We start first by picking up the big items that may have fallen or blown into your yard that can not be removed by our equipment or may damage it.

Plow damage to drivewayNext we work on the driveway. This is what usually receives the most damage over the winter from plowing. We replace and reseed the sod that has been torn up. Then we work on raking up all the rocks that have been plowed into the lawn. This is a very hard job that takes a lot of time for most homeowners. With the commercial equipment we have we can make very short work of it.

Next we Dethatch your lawn. Most lawns in our area do not need to be dethatched because they have thatch, but using a dethatcher is the best way to get all the dead grass and leaves from last fall up and out of your lawn. For more information about what dethatching is read our article about dethatching lawns.

We will then blow out as much of the debris from around the house and out of flower beds etc.

Vacuuming up all the loose debris is our next step. With our commercial mowers we are able to do a very good job of picking up all the loose debris. Your lawn also gets it's first mowing for the season while we are doing this.

The debris that we collect is dumped out on the edge of your property when we can reach it with our truck loader. We vacuum this up into our dump truck and haul it away. Leaving you with a beautiful start to the summer season.

Truck Loader